Installation & Maintenance

  • Inspect All Units

    All units should be inspected before installation in case of damage during transportation.

    A check should be made to ensure:

    • the base and neck of the fan body has no bend or dints
    • the impeller has not been damaged, is secure and rotates freely

    Power Supply

    The type and capacity of the power supply should agree with the motor name plate secured on the fan. A three phase unit should not be adjusted to be connected to single phase power.

    Thermal Overload Protection

    Installers or electricians should ensure that a suitable thermal overload protection is provided (guarantee of motors will not be validated if overload protection was not installed). The overload used must suit the amperage specified on the nameplate of the fan unit.

  • After Installation

    A check should be made that no self-tapping screws have been used to attach wiring clips near to the impeller.

    The direction of the airflow and, if possible, the direction of the impeller should be checked. (V-Type Fans will deliver some flow even when running back wards). A viewing hole has been installed at the top of the fan to check rotation.

  • Operational Maintenance

    All units should be inspected regularly to ensure maximum performance.

    Cleaning Of Fan Unit

    A high deposit of grease or dirt on the impeller could cause an imbalance of the impeller, airflow problems, and may damage the motor.

    Units should be cleaned every 10-12 months for general cooking or 6-8 months for charcoal or barbecue applications.

    Care should be taken not to damage the impeller and motor. It is recommended they be removed from the unit before a thorough cleaning.

    Cleaning Of Filters

    Faulty or dirty grease filters in the canopies can cause paint or grease deposits inside the fan. This will very quickly affect the balance, the vibration and noise level, and so overall performance.

    It is important to keep a close watch on the filters in such installations as spray booths and kitchen exhausts.